The Sons of Liberty x The Team Room Signature Rifle

Sons Of Liberty Gun Works is proud to announce the signature series rifle for The Team Room. The forward-thinking of The Team Room when it comes to modern-day gunfighting, in conjunction with Sons Of Liberty Gun Works bar none quality and reliability, makes this collaboration one of the best rifles on the planet.

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The rifle has been outfitted in Cerakote Gen II NIR coating, reducing its IR signature, only released for US customers. Advancements in camouflage and signature management technologies significantly improve operator survivability and combat strengths. Signature management technology employed in combat uniforms has been shown to substantially reduce detection by enemy combatants in both day and night operations.

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While significant improvements have been made to help the warfighter avoid detection, little has been done to reduce the signature of weapon systems. Traditional flat black surface treatments such as phosphate, anodize, black oxide, and other processes used today offer no visual, near-infrared, or thermal signature management capability. The lack of these important capabilities leaves operators vulnerable to detection – placing them at risk during day and night operations. With these rifles, we aim to change that as well as educate operators on signature reduction and awareness.

With today's need for quality rifles and forward-thinking techniques, this rifle is your ticket to success not only in any field of operation, but also in every application, no matter your need. The Team Room X Sons Of Liberty Gun Works, the team rifle.

Lifetime Warranty.

At the heart of The Team Room rifle is SOLGW 13.7” barrel Pinned and Welded with two options, HUXWRX XXL muzzle device and NOX Key-Mo muzzle devices making this rifle the shortest configuration as a rifle for CQB purposes as well as improved length for optimal ballistics. 

  • Cerakote HIR FDE Coating (Signature Reduction)
  • Forward Controls Design LRF Lower w/ The Team Room Deep Engraved
  • Liberty Fighting Trigger
  • Forward Control Design Bolt Release – Dimpled
  • Forward Control Design Mag Release -  Dimpled
  • SOLGW Quick 50 Degree Safety
  • SOLGW Intermediate Buffer System
  • Magpul FDE MOE SL Stock 
  • Magpul FDE K2+ Grip
  • SOLGW Liberty Charging Handle Ambi

Upper Receiver (Rebellious Stripes NIR Cerakote)

  • SOLGW 13.7 Combat Barrel (Mid-length Gas)
  • SOLGW 2 Option HX XXL or NOX9 Key-Mo Muzzle Device Pin and Welded
  • SOLGW L89 Rail System In Conjunction With HUXWRX HX XXL Muzzle Device
  • SOLGW M89 Rail Systems In Conjunction With NOX Key-Mo Muzzle Device


  • Soft Case
  • 3 Stainless Steel SOLGW Magazines
  • Lifetime Warranty

MSRP: $2375.00